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  1. How to choose your first dSLR – a complete buyer’s guide
  2. How to choose your first dSLR - a complete buyer's guide - Media Division
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You get a nice grip on the camera with just one hand, and you can take many shots without feeling like you have to use both hands. This may not be much of a purchasing factor depending on your preferences, but I like it.

Unboxing Nikon D5100 18-55 VR Kit - Costco Bundle Pack

I can also position the LCD in a direction that best suits the situation, like tilting it upwards or lifting it above my head for an overhead shot. My overall impression of the camera is good. I would definitely recommend it to someone just starting out in photography and wants a good mid-to-lower range SLR.

How to choose your first dSLR – a complete buyer’s guide

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These web sites range anywhere from informational, to business, to e-commerce, to personal use. The field of view how much of a scene you can see through the viewfinder is smaller when using the same lens on an APS-C format camera than it would be on a full frame camera. Nikon DX cameras include the DS and lower camera lines. The times when you might want to consider a DX lens over an FX lens for a DX format camera are when you consider wide angle options.

Due to the crop factor discussed above, wide angle DX lenses are generally cheaper than equivalent wide angle FX lenses because of the design. Due to the crop factor, the common kit lenses also look different in terms of price and focal lengths for each format. Kit lenses for DX cameras are typically lenses like the mm and mm lenses. Essentially, DX Crop Mode avoids the heavy vignetting that we would otherwise experience when using a DX lens on an FX camera by only recording the image using a smaller section in the center of the sensor.

Of course, this results in an image with a reduced resolution.

How to choose your first dSLR - a complete buyer's guide - Media Division

Not a bad trade-off at all. As to which lens you should buy, my suggestion is to buy the one that fits your needs. Buy the lens that fits your needs now. If you upgrade to a full frame camera later, it will work fine as well.

Generally speaking most 50mm prime lenses are made for FX or full frame cameras, whichever brand. With a Nikon camera, except the series, series and a few others like the D will work with the Nikon 50mm f1. Its resolution is superb and on a DX camera it equates to a 75mm f1. Mostly Nikon includes kit lenses of 18 — 55 and 55 — AFS lenses which have a built in focus motor in the lens, so they will work with those cameras mentioned before, whereas the AF 50mm f1. I have a couple of Ds and they have built in focus motors which is what you need to use any straight AF lenses.

Great for wildlife!! Great article but I am still a bit confused. Given the article, is its effective Focal length I was told the 1. The crop factor effect applies to both DX and FX lenses.

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So, you are correct that the mm lens behaves like a As a result, you still need to take the crop factor lenses into account for DX lenses. I want to up grade to FX or prime hd cameras and lenses.

Forget about brand

But the cost is too high here in Nigeria due to exchange rates. So, if I am understanding correctly, my N60 35mm camera with Tamrons mm and mm lenses are full frame fx format? I want to upgrade to a digital camera. Will these lenses work on a new DSLR camera? Any suggestions? Family photos, vacations, and kids sports pics. I have an old Nikon D40 camera. Can you help? I know this is kind of an old article. What is your take on this set? I know that the lenses that come with it are not going to be the best. Probably very cheap. I want to take fast sports pictures of our kids who play Soccer and Football.

Do you think this kit will do the job?

Or should I upgrade to the big brother D and look for a more expensive lens? Just so you have an idea of the setting.